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1.Strengths of the course: Instructor was very knowledgeable and able to provide examples from his own personal experience. Training materials is a very good reference for future use.
Testimonial: When I signed up for four days of HIPAA training I was prepared for a very boring experience. I have to admit that after the first couple of hours I realized that I actually enjoyed the class. Our instructor, Ross Leo, was very well prepare and knowledgeable of the subject. I was previously unfamiliar with the details regarding HIPAA and HITECH regulations and now I feel confident and prepared to lead the HIPAA implementation project in CSC and be HIPAA Security Officer. I would highly recommend this course to other to ensure a good understanding of HIPAA requirements.
Anna Reardon
Children’s Services Council of PBC
2.I have just completed the HIPAA Privacy and Security online anytime training and want to share my experience. The flexibility of this training was invaluable as I had a family emergency just as I started, but was able to continue the course while I was out of town. The accompanying lecture with the PowerPoint slides differentiates this online course from others. The HIPAA expert expounds on the slides in a conversational tone and shares his extensive knowledge and experience without falling into legalese. The accompanying course book and files make this an extremely thorough learning experience, while also serving as valuable reference material for the near future. The course also allows for asking questions and these were answered fully and promptly. HIPAA permeates the health care industry; any individual, regardless of his/her role, will
undoubtedly benefit from taking one of HIPAAtraining.net’s courses and the subsequent knowledge will be a necessary asset to any healthcare organization.
Julie Sykora
Informatics Specialist
Madison, Alabama
3.I highly recommend this training to every HIPAA professional. The Supremus Group, through outstanding instruction, helped me to prepare for the certification exams as well as understand the policies, procedures, risk analysis, and audit processes required of my organization. Due to this training, by the Supremus Group, I am confident that my organization will be able to be actively compliant with all of the HIPAA and ARRA rules and regulations. I have a much better understanding of how to train the staff for continual compliance in adhering to the Privacy and Security Rules. Thank you Supremus Group for meeting my needs, answering all of my questions, and preparing me for the certification exams. I couldn’t have done without you!” – Julie Ouzts HIPAA Compliance Officer.
Julie Ouzts, CHPSE
Quality Risk Accreditation Manager/HIPAA Compliance Officer
Intermountain Children’s Home
4.The HIPAA Privacy and Security training instructor used humor, concrete workplace examples to simplify the intricacies of the HIPAA laws. The mixture of participants made the training atmosphere relaxing instead of intimidating. Participants were able to expose their knowledge base, or lack thereof without being judged. I highly recommend this training and the trainer to anyone who wants to understand and implement HIPAA laws.
T. Olajide J. Sokale
The Consortium, Inc.
5.HIPAA Training and Certification is essential for any business associate that is setting up a HIPAA compliance program. In addition to thorough courseware, HIPAAtraining.net provide template for policies; contracts and procedures to build your program. Our company had an experience HIPAA officer who had set up compliance programs for HIPAA in the past. Even with this experience, we often leveraged the materials supplied with the course for our program.
The instructor was very thorough and prepared. He brought a lot of added content to the course. Instructor is an infosec professional and his stories and application were very helpful. The instructor kept the training on schedule and was sure to blend practical experience with the HIPAA standards.
Matthew Reed – Director, Information Security Compliance and Awareness
Consolidated Graphics
6.This class has given me the expertise to bring our facility into better HIPAA compliance and continue on with a strong program. I would not be able to do what I am doing without my training.
Michael Popp.
HIPAA Compliance Officer
Peter Christensen Health Center
7.The course exceeded my expectations. The HIPAA training course helped me to understand the importance of consumer health information privacy and security in more detail. I have gained personal knowledge of the HIPAA privacy and security rules. I would highly recommend this course to others to ensure a good understanding of the requirements for HIPAA.
Debbie Clark
Information Technology Division
8.The course content was comprehensive and extremely informative. It was more informative than what I expected for an “on-line course”, and having an actual lecturer speak the slides in the presentation, gave me an opportunity to retain more of the information.
I just wish the test wasn’t so hard!! 🙂
Kerry Hannify
Data-Mail, Inc
9.The instructor lead training that I received from hipaatraining.net is the most in depth training that I have ever received. The training combined an experienced instructor with great training materials to clarify what can be complex information. I will usehipaatraining.net to certified all of my privacy and security team.
Melissa Baker, SPHR
Ascendant HR
10.My instructor for the classroom sessions was very knowledgeable about all aspects of HIPAA Privacy and Security and was able to provide extremely detailed coverage of the course materials. He took the time to provide relevant examples and to discuss the course content as it related specifically to our business. In addition, the course manual, resource CD and test preparation software provided a comprehensive approach to exam preparation and will continue to be useful resources back on the job.
Elisa Walden
Account Executive
Ascendant HR
11.I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the quality product from the Supremus Group. I had recently checked with some friends in the healthcare industry about HIPAA certifications and they pointed me to your website http://www.hipaatraining.net.
After spending some time on the website, I decided to purchase the Online Anytime Training and associated manual for the Certified HIPAA Security Expert program (CHSE). Well, I have to admit that I was a bit anxious going forward with this computer based training, but as soon as I received it I was pleasantly surprised!
The online training is broken into real-world modules and chapters that parallel exactly what is being taught in the book. By using the combination of the two, I was able to pass my CHSE test on the very first attempt.
I strongly recommend this course material to anyone who wants to prepare for the certification and wants to enhance their knowledge in the area of HIPAA security. I feel that I am now able to better contribute to corporate security policies, access control systems, and many documented procedures i a more-comprehensive manner after my training.
Thank You Bob and Supremus!!
Thomas Coffy – CISA, CISSP, CHSE
Senior Engineer, IT Security Office
Abacus Technology Corporation
Kennedy Space Center Florida
As a Systems Engineer working to specialize in the security area of the IT industry, I chose the CHPA as the first step along the security path in my career. This test proved to be a great entry level certification for HIPAA compliance. The exam and course was well documented and allowed for a beginner to truly grasp the concept and ideas behind HIPAA.
Kevin Kruger
Technical Projects Systems Engineer

12.This was a great and informative course that provided extensive background knowledge on HIPAA requirements. The book and on-line instruction were invaluable in assisting our company to understand and develop policies that were applicable to the unique structure of our BPO projects. I highly recommend anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of HIPAA Security Standards to take this course.
Detra Jackson
Telamon Corporation
13.I found this course extremely beneficial. It not only covers the core issues but also designed to develop deep understanding of the subject matter in HIPAA I highly recommend this to all the people who intend to take the certification. It is great for even people who believe in self study. In spite of vast subject matter, the guidelines given have been greatly helpful
Thank you so much for all the support and guidelines.
14.Strengths of the course:The instructor was the main strength of the course, he really knew the material very well and was extremely confident in his delivery. The material covered a wide range of topics but each was very comprehensive.
Testimonial: The course was very well organized and we always stayed focused on the material. The instructor is an expert in this field and presented the material very effectively. The course reinforced the subject matter that I had experience and knowledge in but also allowed for a great deal of new information that I will be able to use at any company in the healthcare field and has prepared me to help lead our company to become HIPAA Privacy and Security compliant.
Richard Hobbs
Community Health Choice
15.The instructor used real examples with student questions to illustrate HIPAA breaches versus just bad business practices or versus violations of someother privacy statute. He was obviously knowledgeable and experienced in the subject. I trust his answers, believe his answers to be backed by the statute, and have relayed that trust to the operational chain of command at my company. I have resolved three common and recurring issues in our company with this training session.
Allen Gann
16.I feel the instructor was very knowledgeable and had vast experiences to relate to our questions. He didn’t just provide the answer; he challenged us to think about how to look at our specific situation and how to implement the standards. He provided the group a great understanding of the privacy and security issues related to HIPAA.
Shelley O’Connell, M.A.E.
University of Northern Iowa
Student Health Clinic Director
17.I think our instructor knew his stuff and was actually more qualified than I expected someone to be.
Eric Lukens
University of Northern Iowa
18.Strengths of the course:
Flexibility of the online format, instructor was highly knowledgeable in HIPAA and in all InfoSec areas
The course allowed me to become very well equipped to serve in the capacity of the privacy and security officer role to protect our PHI and ensure our compliance with HIPAA regulations. The one-on-one instruction permitted the format and pace of the course to be tailored to my needs. The course materials were very good in they provided an introduction to the broad concepts—tying them together—then went into more detailed information. I would recommend this class and Instructor to anyone needing HIPAA training. Although the website used to deliver the training experienced some glitches one day, we worked through the minor annoyance. The benefits of the one-on-one training greatly outweighed the glitches and would recommend it.
Jennifer Kostick
19.Strengths of the course:
Instructor was able to provide examples from his own personal experience having worked in such positions requiring HIPAA Security and offer helpful tips. Also, the training materials will be good reference materials as well.
I was searching for a HIPAA training course that would give me the basics for HIPAA Administration and Security to enable to implement such a program at my organization. I found that with the training offered by Supremus Group with its practical and knowledgeable instructor and useful course materials I can use as a reference. I now will be able to create a HIPAA policy plus corresponding procedures.
Rebecca Chang
20.The instructor is the expert in the field of HIPAA compliance. His experience in establishing benchmarks for HIPAA policy and procedure is far superior to anyone in today’s market. He bringsactual live learning experiences and practical applications to the classroom and is able to use this experience to help companies build programs that can potentially avoid costly and lengthy HIPAA legal actions.
Stefon Ricard -Human Resources Director
Milliman Care Guidelines
21.The instructor was very accommodating in our training session. I had several situation-specific questions that required some research on his part. He did this research and was able to answer my questions. He allowed me to interrupt the training module with thoughts and questions and did not get irritated. He constantly sought feedback to ensure that he was moving at a pace that I was comfortable with and that I understood what we were reviewing.
Andenia Mehler, Solvay Pharmaceuticals
22.Strengths of the course: Provided background on the topic as well as outlined how HIPAA/privacy/security affects our company. Also the instructor made the topic, with its unfamiliar terminology, easy to follow and understand.
I found this course to be extremely valuable, as I was previously unfamiliar with the details regarding HIPAA regulations and now feel confident in discussing HIPAA and how the rules apply to our organization (as well as others). The onsite training instructor provided was geared toward our operations, which was more helpful than providing hypothetical examples. He is also very knowledgeable on the topic and provided valuable resources that we are able to reference now that the class has concluded. I would recommend this course to other organizations.
Carla Spencer – Training Coordinator
Alliant Insurance
23.Strengths of the course: Knowledge of the instructor of multiple laws and regulations we need to consider in addressing privacy and security of information.
The instructor is well versed in privacy and security rules and regulations that need to be addressed by companies dealing with health information as well as other personal information that must remain private and secure. He is up to date on the latest laws that impact our effort in becoming compliant with matters of privacy and security.
Nancy Hansen – IT Quality Assurance Consultant
Alliant Insurance
24.Strengths of the course: Instructor was extremely knowledgeable across all aspects of HIPAA. He was also able to apply what he knew to our specific needs.
This course was incredibly detailed and taught us everything we needed to know about HIPAA and how it applied to our specific industry. The instructor was knowledgeable and very patient with us as we asked questions and diverted into our own discussions about how the follow on implementation would apply to us specifically. We now have a plan to become HIPAA compliant.
John McLoughlin – Vice President Benefit Operations
Alliant Insurance
25.HIPAA training helped us to understand the importance of consumer health information privacy and security in more detail. Chris has in depth knowledge of HIPAA and clarified all our questions related to it.
Prasanna Jagatap, PMP
Project Manager
Fulcrum Analytics Inc.
26.The training provided by Chris Apgar was thorough, and tailored to our company’s needs. Chris was willing to respond to questions about specific client situations and provide the legal reasoning behind his assessment. He also brought the legislation “to life” through examples of real companies and their challenges. The sessions provided by Chris were interactive and engaging, far more than anyone expected.
Tara Piazza
Fulcrum Analytics Inc.
27.We have several clients who are either HIPAA covered or are a hybrid of HIPAA and non-HIPAA covered entities. I thought the presentation stimulated very useful internal discussion. The training will help our company articulate a set of ethics and guidelines as we work with our clients and their medical data. In general, I thought the information was very useful in the area of privacy and security.
Michele Scherneck
Fulcrum Analytics Inc.
28.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
The instructor’s real-world experience
29.Student’s Testimonial for one on one Web-based HIPAA Training:
Having an instructor who deals with HIPAA compliance on a daily basis enhanced the overall quality of the course tremendously. The instructor supplemented the course materials with her own experiences and insights. Great course.
Randall Kizer
Alliant Insurance Services
30.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
The strength of the course was the one-on-one education and training. The materials were excellent and will be used as a continued resource. The instructor was extremely prepared. He was able to answer questions as they came up. When asked questions as it relates to my work environment he was able to answer those with insight into how we could improve our processes. He also provided many additional resources that will be utilized in continuing to strengthen our policies and procedures.
31.Student’s Testimonial for one-on-one Web-based HIPAA Training:
I would highly recommend this course to other individuals. The training manual is an exceptional resource to continue to use in improving and strengthening our HIPAA related policies and procedures. The instructor was excellent and able to answer pertinent questions specific to our situations. I have a much better understanding of the HIPAA privacy and security rules.
Bonnie, WI
32.Student’s testimonial for class room HIPAA training:
The five-day HIPAA course was very well written and easy to follow. The course material went well above adequate to present the topic being studied. The instructor was very well versed in both the materials and personal knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to HIPAA. I would recommend this course to others who are tasked with being in charge of HIPAA compliance in their day- to-day jobs.
Marvin R. Myers, CISSP
PAGI Consultants
33.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
The instructor was excellent, she was not only prepared, but also a wealth of knowledge on the subject of the class, and had many real life scenarios that applied to the content. The material was excellent and the instructor was above par.
34.Student’s testimonial for class room HIPAA training:
My experience at this HIPAA training was phenomenal, I have a better understanding for the Privacy and Security regulations of HIPAA, and the materials given to me will benefit me not just for class, but also at work in the real world.
Zabrina Prescott
Cardiology of Tulsa
35.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Presenting a lot of material about a complex subject in such a manner that even in the limited amount of time I was able to understand it.
36.Student’s testimonial for class room HIPAA training:
Lynn was a great instructor and in the span of a week I was able to go from having a very limited understanding of the HIPAA law to being able to go into the office Monday morning and be able to layout a plan that our office could become fully compliant with the law.
Scott J. Massey
Baystate Dental PC
37.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
I felt the course covered the motivation and contents of the HIPAA legislation well.
38.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
I found the training to be engaging and informational. If you are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the policies and the compliance of your organization I would definitely recommend this course as a first step to ensure you had a good understanding of the legislation and requirements. Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course: Going beyond the verbiage in the book.
Michael Williams
39.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
The instructor made HIPAA training interesting and the learning environment fun. He used excellent examples of how HIPAA non-compliance could affect an organization. His demeanor was very professional and stimulating.
40.Charlotte Brown’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Instructor knowledge

41.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
Instructor was very knowledgeable, amazing training. I learned a great deal about HIPAA.  I now have a much broader understanding.
42.Tim Elrod’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Knowledge of the instructor.
43.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
The class was very enlightening. Instructor was a very knowledgeable instructor. My understanding of HIPAA is move comprehensive. I’m glad I took this class.
44.Michael Wood’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
The instructor and his broad knowledge. The presentation of the material. Mapping examples to materials.
45.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
The instructor is A+. Great speech presentation skills. Great passion and patience. Obviously loves what he does and teachers well. All healthcare organization should be required to take training from the instructor. I learned how to use HIPAA to more effectively do my job. Thank you! Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course: The entire course was well documented, outlined and well delivered.
Bob Stubbs
46.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
Instructor was very well prepared. He not only knows the material, but knows how to deliver it and in a manner that is respectful and also assisted in providing suggestions and made recommendations on how we can educate, train and communicate with senior leaders in a manner that will assist us in remediation concerns we have in our own organization. One of the best training courses I’ve experienced.
47.Steven Payne’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Very knowledgeable instructor.
48.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
The instructor showed that he has best knowledge and background in the subject matter. Very up beat tempo of class on a subject that could very easily put one to sleep. We had great group discussions that were very helpful in preparing to move forward.
49.Afton Gille’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Great instructor and Q/A session.
50.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
Good training.
51.Darwin Sturdivant’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Examples, details.
52.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
It is evident that the instructor really has a passion for educating, specifically educating healthcare professionals about HIPAA. The instructor was very prepared and did an excellent job of preparing our team for the course ahead of time and giving us an outline of expectations on the first day. The instructor’s insight and examples will prove beneficial for our organization. It is my opinion that my HIPAA knowledge has been significantly improved.
Jennifer Goddard
53.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
The coverage of the security and privacy rules was excellent.
54.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
The instructor delivered more than HIPAA training. His insight into the dynamics of organization, IT departments, and IS departments, as well as business processes was brought to bear on our problems. It was like we had personalized consulting thrown in for free.
Stefan Morris
55.Student’s view on the strength of the HIPAA course:
Instructor is extremely knowledgeable with regard to federal regulations and has an uncanny ability to translate the information in a manner that is engaging to a wide range of people with varying responsibilities.
56.Student’s testimonial for HIPAA training:
This is a great class for any organization tasked with the implementation of mandated federal regulations. The instructor has an uncanny ability to keep trainees engaged while educating on extremely dry and many times confusing material. He also has a unique ability to link international standards, and federal regulations in a method that allows organizations tasked with the implementation of these regulations the appropriate fodder to allow management to make and support informed business decisions based on adequate risk-based documentation.
Rob Marti

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